Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Tuesday 15th November 11

Woken by a phone call, just missed the answer machine, so rang back and quite soon the woman rang back, asking if I was available next Sunday to entertain at her Granny's 90th birthday party in the middle of nowhere in East Yorkshire.  I was available and I said that if the public transport allowed, I could do the gig.

I did a bit of searching on a rail timetables website and found that yes, I could get to Driffield, and I'd get a taxi from there.  The fee offered would easily cover the train and taxi fare, and leave a good fee on top for my business.

Later in the day (before lunch) I did a bit of compost heap loading, including putting a lot of guinea pig bedding onto a new heap, and getting ready to shred the Wisteria. 

And after lunch, that's what I did. I sorted out all the thicker sticks and our eldest chopped them to the right size for bagging up to dry in the garage, and I patiently fed all the thinner stuff and foliage through the quiet shredder, creating about 2/3 of a cubic metre of shreddings, in a builders bag.

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