Thursday, 9 February 2012

Saturday 19th November 11

A good day, with a lovely and successful gig.  I got up fairly early as Gill had to leave the house in time to get to the Steiner School by 10am, as our youngest wasn't feeling too brilliant, so Gill offered to do his shift on the hot chocolate stall. She'd ordered a taxi as she was too achy to cycle in. But before she went, at 9.40, she plaited my hair.

Our eldest was full of energy and decided to cycle in, leaving at the same time as Gill. I got my bits and bobs together and asked our youngest if he'd like to go to the Advent Fair, either cycling in, or getting a lift on my rack.  He volunteered to cycle in, so at 11.15 we both set off together, me with all my Fiddlesticks stuff.

We parted company at Fulford Road, and he cycled along to the school and I went straight over, to the Millennium Bridge and over Bishy Road, to Tadcaster Road and within 15 minutes, to the Foxwood Community Centre.

It was a very good gig, really enjoyed it... and when I enjoy performing, the audience enjoys it too.  This seems to be the general pattern.

Later, I worked for David, and took him to the Bach Choir at St Michael Le Belfrey.  This choral music was absolutely not my thing, I find it really boring as I don't understand the words, it's religious, and it brings back memories of being taken, often under duress, to classical concerts as a small child.  Fortunately I was taken to a few classical things I liked (Carmina Burana and The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra being two I DID like) but I'm afraid tonight's offering was very much David's thing; I gritted my teeth and tried not to fall asleep.  I'm really happy that David loved it. 

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