Thursday, 9 February 2012

Friday 18th November 11

Woken by a huge rumpus so I came downstairs and sat quietly blinking on the couch next to the culprits, and it quietened down, thank goodness.

Gill went to school with our youngest as she was working in the shop, getting it ready for the Advent Fair tomorrow.  I'd agreed to go in from 12 til 2 and chop vegetables in the cafe.  So at 11.30 I closed everything down at home and set off on my bike, popping in to see Gill briefly in the shop before going up to the cafe.  I spent an hour chopping red cabbage, then had a few minutes eating a sandwich and chatting to a nice woman called Pam, and then chopped up 14 big onions, finishing at 1.55.

I came home via Alligator, picked up a trailer load of compostables and another couple of boxes at Country Fresh, and one at Freshways, and got in after 3pm, ready for a coffee!

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