Thursday, 9 February 2012

Thursday 17th November 11

Well a late start and felt a bit grotty, sneezing again.  Cold or allergy, I don't know.

But I had a quiet day, dealt with some paperwork and mid afternoon went to sort out the pear branches I took off the tree overhanging next door, which I chucked over the hedge back into our garden.  I chopped off the smaller twiggy bits with secateurs and fed these into the shredder, and kept any slightly bigger, straight bits for kindling... I'll chop them down to length and bag them up in paper potato sacks, for use in a year or two.

I worked til dusk, and came in and decided to have a nap, and had two hours sleep, getting up again just before 8pm.  Gill had made a nice stew with a cobbler topping, using one of the parsnips given by the allotment woman yesterday.  Lovely.

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