Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sunday 27th November 11

I had a good long sleep, til after 10, but got up and watched some of Country Tracks and had a shower and got slowly ready for work.

I set off after lunch to go to a birthday party in Clifton Moor, so I cycled down to James Street and then onto the cycle track to Wigginton Road, up to the Bumper Castle and over to the Community Centre on Rivelin Way... in about 25 minutes.

The party went really well, the 7 year old boy and his friends had a good time and I was pleased that his Mum had booked the space for 2 1/2 hours, so there was no hurrying and I even had time at the end to make a teddy bear and a Weeble, which I don't usually do in my balloon show.

I came home an even quicker way, along Water End into Clifton and then straight through town and home in 20 minutes!

I had a peaceful evening, enjoyed a baked potato and the mushrooms I picked on Thursday, which I cooked and bunged in the fridge.

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