Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Wednesday 28th July 10

Spent nearly all of the day looking through this blog from July to April working out how much compost has been sold down at Country Fresh, to visitors to the house and stuff I've delivered. This works out at just under £200, my best year ever for compost sales. It's not much, but I don't do it for the money, that's just a nice extra.

So, Gill did paperwork all day and I did computery stuff all day... until 6 when I finished, jumped up and down (gently, my ankle is still delicate) and went to do some work in the garden.

We are now in a position to do our tax returns, which is really good as most years we leave it to the last minute. This year will be less stressful.

The highlights of the day were a nice chat with my Aunty Lizzy on the phone in the evening and a chat with a local person who'd got my details from Country Fresh, and wanted to get some advice about composting. I spent about 20 minutes on the phone with her and she was very happy with the outcome. I also enjoyed my tea, which was noodles, beans and nuts, with veg of course, sounds like a weird combination, well it was and it was delicious!


Haddock said...

Like the way you write every minute detail.

Compost John said...

Cheers Haddock... I had to check your blog to work out whether you were taking the mickey or not though!

And, actually, I don't put in every intimate or minute detail, only things I'm happy for the general public to know about. My life is a lot more complex and has far more interesting detail.... but I don't want everybody to know everything about me. Sorry if that disappoints anyone!

Yours, John