Monday, 26 July 2010

Monday 26th July 10

A bit of a rude awakening as I'd promised a Freecycler to have a skip-salvaged CD ready for her when she called at 8.15 this morning.... but I hadn't got it ready.... so when she arrived, Gill woke me up and asked me where it was. I knew exactly where it was, and came down and retrieved it.

I had breakfast and did a bit on the computer, but at 10ish I gathered some bags of riddled compost together as Caroline had asked me to supply 8 carrier bags full, and I'd agreed to deliver as I was heading for the station this morning. So that was my first stop, and she was generous with £20 for 8 bags.

My next appointment was with the 11.35 from Manchester; Janie was visiting, and I suggested she bring her bike so we could explore more easily. We cycled through the city and ended up at St Nicks which I think was a bit of a revelation for her, and it was good to see Jean at work on her 'square foot garden' and to show Janie the different foodplants growing there. Then home and Janie met Gill and the boys, and then helped me down the garden, mainly doing some riddling of several sacks of compost. But although I could have spent all day down the garden, I thought that Janie might get bored, and anyway, I wanted to show her Country Fresh and Alligator before they closed. So after a coffee we set off to visit these two shops, and I had a laugh with Shirley at the first place and then Cherry at Alligator. Cherry recounted an old tale of her as a child tormenting me at the Buddhist Centre, nicking my circus equipment and winding me up. Funny, I don't remember, I find that the majority of children are perfectly OK, and I think I deal with them without getting too worked up!

Anyway, we wheeled down to the Millennium Bridge and stopped a while there in the rain, but then headed for the Cafe in Rowntree Park and sheltered there for a bit, chatting.

Then it was time to go to the station and send her back to Manchester..... what a nice friendly day, good to spend this time with her.

I came home and cooked a home-grown courgette and a thrown away pepper to have with a pastie Gill had bought for my tea.

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