Friday, 23 July 2010

Thursday 22nd July 10

Another fairly quiet day during the day, but a most enjoyable evening.

Gill and Linda went out to meet their older sister Jane, so the three of them had lunch together, which is the first time they've all been out together for as long as any of them could remember.

I did some stuff on the computer, did the washing up, watered the plants in the conservatory, visited Woodlands with my volunteering application, and then at 1.30, Melody rang me and asked me if I'd help put up the gazebo she'd got out of a skip (which they call the 'special shop') on the playing field at the Outgang in Heslington. The Lord Deramore's year 6 had their last day today and there was a bit of a party fun time planned on the Outgang, so Melody wanted to put up the gazebo and couldn't do it with just Natalie, so asked me!

I got down there at 2.10 and we spent over half an hour having fun putting it up. I picked up lots of beer bottles and cans and almost filled my trailer, but on the way home i found a butchered tree so put logs on top, which stopped the bottles and cans rattling so much.

I had a short time in the garden at around tea time, and then went out to The Duchess for an interesting gig with four acts all wanting to impress the BBC.

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