Friday, 9 July 2010

Friday 9th July 10

I had a bit of time in the morning to get stuff done (making up Muesli, washing up) but then at 11 I cycled down to town to meet up with an old friend Ayesha, whom I knew as a teenager and I last met briefly when I was 21. So it's been a very long time.

We've met up through Friends Reunited and then facebook allowed us to communicate easily, and a day or two ago we decided it would be a good idea to meet up. Anyway, Ayesha arrived shortly after 11.30 and we walked into town for a hot chocolate at El Piano. Then we walked through town to Clifford's Tower and down to Millennium Bridge, and from there up to the Rowntree Park Cafe where we had a late lunch. We carried on wandering up the Ouse and got as far as Scarborough Bridge where we crossed again, and I wondered if we were in time to visit Isara, York's Community Boat, but it had just left its daytime mooring, so we walked to the Minster via Museum Gardens, and then back into town to a CAFE NERD on Kings Square.

Ayesha's train was soon after 7pm so we wandered back in good time for her to catch this.

It was really good to meet again after all this time and talk about old times.

When I got back home I had some tea and then went out to fill up some sacks of compost as I've an order for 10 sacks to be delivered tomorrow to the Barbican Edible York raised beds. I'll have to do this tomorrow morning as I'm off to Manchester in the afternoon.

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