Saturday, 3 July 2010

Saturday 3rd July 10

Today was a relaxing day.... I did virtually no physical activity apart from washing some spinach from the garden. Gill did a stir fry with it in.

Gill told me that I had to rest, so I did. Mostly with my leg up. Spent most of the day playing Scrabble, reading stuff, chatting with Gill, showing her things on facebook, things I found on Flickr... a very quiet and sedentary day. The boys were relaxed and happy too.

My friend Melanie came up trumps with a solution to tomorrow's transport. Her friend Chris is driving to the Madhyamaka Centre in Pocklington tomorrow and is happy to take me. So I'll go in costume and will take as much workshop stuff as I can, plus lots of balloons. I'm sure that I'll be able to contribute reasonably to the event, and should be offered all or most of my fee. I'm really glad that I persuaded them to keep my services. I'd like this accident to not prevent me working at all. I need the work, need the income!

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