Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Wednesday 9th June 10

Well a busy day... Gill went to Fountains Abbey with our youngest's class, so I had most of the day to myself. I did a bit of work on the computer and decided I really didn't want to be stuck inside all day, so I did a bit of a tidy up in the garden. I did a variety of little jobs, including some weeding, finding broken plant pots and other plastic rubbish and binning them, and a bit later, some stacking of logs, chainsawing, more stacking and pallet butchering.

At 7pm I got a phone call from the Progressive Radio Network, a US-based web-radio, who had asked to interview me about green funerals. The show is hosted by Steve Barnett and is called Paradise Parking Lot, and explores green issues. So the producer rang me up and a few minutes later I was chatting to Steve about this sensitive issue. The archive recording is here (or better, here).

It went well, and although I was nervous beforehand, I enjoyed the experience. Rory was online for some of the time and trying to prompt me, but I really had to concentrate on what the interviewer was saying.

So I had a happy evening after this... a feeling of relief, and glad that it went well.

I also had a 'first'. I don't have a mobile phone... but Gill has an old one which she's lent to me for situations where it might be useful for me to have one, and today I put £10 credit on it. So I'm still learning new technology.

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