Monday, 7 June 2010

Monday 7th June 10

I spent most of the day on the computer, doing mainly assorted Novaterium based things. I sorted out the UK directory into Scotland, Wales and the different regions of England, and added several new natural or woodland burial sites. I had to ring two up to get the map pin in the right place (I have learned not to trust where the pin is on the particular website, or the postcode of the nearest place... I'm making sure that the pin is exactly on the burial site! This sometimes involves Google Street View... and today I worked out how to get the latitude and longitude of the pin using just Googlemaps, so I now don't need to use Multimap as well. I felt very pleased with today's work.

But I needed to get some exercise so I went to collect our youngest from school, I also delivered two spare climbing pea bean plants to a Freecycler in Heslington. I enjoyed walking home with my lad, despite the rain getting heavier and heavier. But as soon as we got home, the rain got less heavy so I went into the garden for a bit and put more stuff into the Compostumbler.

Gill put together a pasta, cauliflower and cheese sauce meal, and at 7 I got ready to go to the LETS meeting. My old LETS friend Geoff was waiting at the Seahorse, and then some of the regulars turned up, and a new member... another of my friends, Tracy, who helped organise one of the Green Festivals. And another new member came, Doreen, bearing two trays of scones which she was selling, 4 for one Yorky.

I chaired, constructed an agenda and we got through the meeting relatively quickly. We planned the AGM for next month, when we'll launch the website to the membership and vote on re-installing the Social Fund, a sort of voluntary taxation or tithing to help needy members.

I came home via one of the regular pallet dumps and brought two home on the bike trailer.

Then several hours... playing Scrabble, welcoming my old friend Mark onto facebook (Mark was the first person I met in York when I moved here with my previous partner in 1987) and chatting with Rory my Novaterium partner on Googletalk.

Oh, and I looked through The Book of Green eco living directory which came in the post today. Both Novaterium and Professor Fiddlesticks are on page 32. I am happy.

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