Thursday, 17 June 2010

Thursday 17th June 10

Up early to get out of the house before 9am. Gill got on a bus at about 8.45 and got to the station before me, and had bought the tickets to Sheffield already.

It was a nice journey... apart from a broken-down train in front of us as we approached Sheffield.

We were about half an hour late, but Gill got a message to Tom, my brother, who had offered to take us over to my parents' house, and he waited and read a newspaper.

But, by 10.50 we were with Tom and we went to pick up some salads from his house, then we picked up Kate his wife and Jenny her mother, who had also gone to buy a paper.

Eventually we got to my parents' house where my Aunty Lizzy was enjoying the sunshine. I was pleased to see the garden... quite a few things have been changed, including a new greenhouse and Daddy has been busy with his logpiles!

We had lunch and then at about 1.30, we had to leave as our train back was at 1.54, to get us in before 3pm, so we could deal with the post-school stuff. Gill went on the bus home so to be there before our eldest got in, and I cycled back so I could then cycle down to school to pick up our youngest.... only to find out that he was in Drama Club, so I came home and went back to school for 4pm. Nice chats with Paul, another dad, and then at 4.20, the drama kids came out, and I brought my little charge home.

After tea I cycled down to Bikerescue to meet with Graham, who had agreed to lend his megaphone to the WNBR organisers, and I met Sarah W. there and introduced them to each other.... they might get on.

Then I cycled on to Fulford to deliver some Fiddlesticks paperwork to my agent, and back via a logpile at the University.

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