Saturday, 5 June 2010

Saturday 5th June 10

Up early as working today, over in Harrogate. The gig started at 11, so I had to get the 10.11 train, which meant leaving home soon after 9.30. As I had very limited time at the Harrogate end (the train was due to get in at 10.43) I decided to travel in costume, and I cycled down to the station with my bag of sticks, balls and diabolos, two unicycles, a pedal go and a fun wheels, two bags of balloons, something to read on the train and my sandwiches for lunch. No problem!

A hassle free ticket purchase and ride over to Harrogate, and then a 10 minute walk to Party Fever which had a gazebo outside covered in baloons and contained a facepainter. There were several people with collection buckets, as the event was a fundraiser for St Michael's Hospice. I met the boss and she showed me where I could work, which was on the South side of the street, facing the shop, and fortunately in the shade, as it was a very hot and sunny day.

So, I worked from 11 through to 1.30 when I had 10 minutes for lunch and carried on til 2.5o, when i quickly packed up and got to the train as it drew into the station. The day in Harrogate was really jolly and I had a brilliant time, lots and lots of positive interaction. I worked with several groups of teenagers, quite a few talented individuals, lots of small children and a surprising number of 'game' adults. I did loads of balloons, plenty of devilsticking, diabololing and unicycling. I taught 3 people how to do the 3ball cascade, the basic juggling pattern. I got paid a charity fundraiser size fee, about half my average, and it all worked like clockwork. The trains were on time and I read most of a NewScientist whilst on the train.

I called in on Country Fresh on the way back but didn't take recyclables, I just got some fruit and veg, and a cucumber plant as one of the ones I got a couple of weeks ago has died.

So, when I got home I needed some quiet time, and after I unloaded, I went upstairs and listened to Tracey Smith's Taunton Hospital Radio-over-the-net on Apple AM. I like this as she is reasonably bonkers and the music she plays is ok too, nothing too cheesy. I had tea upstairs whilst avoiding Dr Who. I chatted with a friend on facebook and played Scrabble, a good couple of hours relaxation.

But I had a Freecycling offer I couldn't turn down, a load of pallets and a tree trunk over in Leeman Road. So I hopped on my bike and bombed over to the other side of the city, and then very very slowly brought back four large pallets and a 6 foot tree trunk on the trailer... possibly the heaviest load I've ever towed home. I'm glad the roads were quiet.

So, a busy and productive day which I enjoyed and I think I brought some happiness to quite a few people, plus raised some money for a worthwhile charity.

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