Friday, 4 June 2010

Friday 4th June 10

An unhurried morning, and caught the 12.44 train back home, and was back before 3pm, coming via Country Fresh and Freshways; an empty trailer is a wasted journey.

A bit later, after dealing with lots of emails, I had a freecycling trip down the road to supply some mulch to someone and to pick up some wood and plastic carrier bags, which will get filled with riddled compost and go out again to people who want them.

I had two stale onion bagels for tea, with a good selection of fresh moist salads... the perfect complement to the unwanted bagels, which had been rejected by the children.

I did a bit of work in the garden, wormery management and another layer on a compost heap... and I brought in a load of leeks which one of the shops felt it couldn't sell, as they had a woody central 'core', actually the flower stalk. But surrounding this are ordinary leek leaves, and these I made into a soup, with some sweet potato similarly thrown out. So tomorrow we'll have leek and sweet potato soup, which I've never had before. Let's hope it's nice!

I also made up my muesli, using home-dried Asian pears, dried bananas and pumpkin seeds rescued from last Autumn's Pumpkin Day at St Nicks, which I've been trying to find time to de-shell so I get the 'naked' seed, as I don't like the roughage-laden outer husk. I'm still looking for a gadget which I can feed them into and will mechanically do this job, something about the size of a pasta-maker would be good!

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