Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Wednesday 6th January 10

How lovely to have some time with Gill and both children at school! We had some quiet quality time which was so welcome.

So, the afternoon was pretty quiet too, and short as our eldest came away from school an hour early. I mended a puncture in one of my trailer wheels and kept the stoves going...

At tea time my friend Mark Richards rang me and told me that he'd got four special-deal tickets for Avatar at City Screen, and one of his friends had dropped out, so would I like to come to it?

So I had tea (Gill wanted to do something simple... oven chips, veggie sausage, baked beans, fried mushrooms) and cycled down to City Screen for 7.30. Mark rolled in at 7.45 and we got a row of 4 seats all together. Mark is really good at hospitality... and had got popcorn, ice creams and orange drink! The film was awesome, just amazing. The 3D effects are far superior than the old-fashioned two-colour system, yet the film doesn't 'milk' the effects, it just adds to the film in a really 'natural' way (if that's appropriate for a film based on an alien life-form!). I do reccommend the film... I'm not a big cinema goer, but it's got a nice environmental message, as is indicated in this article. It is a long film, and we had a false start as the sound failed 3 minutes in, so I didn't get home til after 11.30pm.

So, an interesting day.


Eveline Rodenburg said...

Thanks, John, I'll go and see Avatar too.
By the way, why are you drying all those banana's?

Compost John said...

You'll enjoy it Eveline. I don't like violence in films and I managed to cope with the violence in this one... the storyline and 3D-ness of it carried it well.

As for the bananas; these were due to be thrown away as the retailer decided that customers wouldn't buy them as the skins were darkened by frosty temperatures. So instead of them going to landfill, I brought them home.

I could compost them... and will do with some, but 80% of them are good enough to preserve, and the best way of preserving fruit that I know of, when you've got a woodstove going all the time, is to utilise the warm dry airstream to dry them. They get put in airtight jars when dry, and then people buy them off me for Yorkys, or barter them for whatever, and I eat several every day because they are delicious and really good in my muesli!
Hope this helps, John

Eveline Rodenburg said...

Thanks again, John, I'll have a try with bananas on my central heating. And I loved Avatar too! Simply closed my eyes and drifted off a bit at the most violent part :)