Monday, 25 January 2010

Monday 25th January 10

Bit of an early start which put me in a low mood for most of the day. Also more email traffic which left me feeling not so good, re the asking permission to tell someone's story. The family member seems to think it was wrong of me to contact them... I could have just told the story, without asking permission, but I'm glad I did as I like to try and behave ethically. Without giving anything away which would identify the person or their family, a few years ago one of my friends died, in unusual circumstances, and I thought the story ought to be told, as part of a campaign which is about to happen. I told the bones of the story to the campaign organiser and they were very interested... but suggested I get permission from the family. I do not have that permission, therefore the story won't be told. Which is a pity, as it is an enlightening one, sad, but really interesting.

Never mind, I got on with some paperwork... two receipt letters and some other bits and bobs. Paperwork never makes me skip and jump, and today it just made me feel grumpy. I couldn't face doing my accounts/tax.

Later in the day I did a bit of chainsawing and stacking, and made tea for the family who went to the dentist after school. I did cauliflower cheese and macaroni, with butternut squash. It was very nice, a simple but wholesome meal.

I had a quiet evening, but did various stuff on the computer and watched a couple of good programmes... one with Billie Piper interviewing Dr Brooke Magnanti, and then the BBC programme about chemistry.

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Adelaide Dupont said...

Good on you for striving to act ethically in this instance.

Life and death is a thorny thing.

The TV seems to have been "the genius box" this week.