Monday, 11 January 2010

Sunday 10th January 10

I spent some of the morning writing in Helgi's Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award booklet; he did some voluntary work for the Green Festival and he wanted this to go towards the 'service' bit of the award. I spent a long time trying to get the wording right, and I think it read OK.

At about 2.15pm I cycled over to his house and gave it to him... read what I'd put to him and he seemed happy. Then went on to the station to get the 3.15 train to Manchester, and from Manchester, a bus to Warrington, where I'm meeting a friend, L, who is having a little party.

I had some nice chats on the train between York and Leeds with a young man, and then in Leeds we were joined by a middle-aged lady so we talked about different things... turned out she was getting the bus to Warrington so I said I'd go with her. Her name was Carolyn and she'd just come back from seeing her daughter's newborn baby, and we found plenty to talk about on the bus to Warrington.

I waited in the bus station for L but no-one came up to me, and I looked around a couple of times but didn't recognise anyone. But there was one person standing around and after 25 minutes I thought I'd go and see if it was her; indeed it was, but neither of us had recognised the other. Duh! We went to a sandwich shop for something to eat and then back to her place for the gathering. A reasonably pleasant evening, and as agreed, I stayed over and had a fairly comfortable night.

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