Saturday, 30 January 2010

Saturday 30th January 10

I got up early as I was off to work. Gill pressed my clothes and I got everything together and loaded onto the trailer by about 9.45, and was cycling to the station by 10.

The train was at 10.30, to Doncaster, and then a change to the Bridlington train which is via Hull, and gets into Cottingham about 5 minutes beyond Hull.

However, a minute before the Brid train left, a whole gang of about 30 football supporters got on and surged through the train. They were 'Wolves' supporters going to see the game against Hull, and they were very very noisy. They did their shouty singing stuff, chanting lots of rude and vulgar stupidness, banging on the roof and windows and side panels, swearing. I was quite tense as my equipment was in the bikes area where a lot of them were banging and shouting.

They got out at Hull and they had only taken two of my peacock feathers out of their cardboard tube, and then left them beside the rucksack. I was soon in Cottingham and Diana, the young chap's mum, met me and drove me to the venue not far into the village. This was called The Back Room, a room with a stage and a bar, a great little place.

I got changed and guests started arriving... and the party went like clockwork, really good as usual. I really enjoyed myself. I got lots of positive feedback too, several children came up at the end to say thank you and Diana was very generous with her praise. How lovely!

There wasn't long to wait for the train to Hull, and then only 10 minutes wait for the Hull-York train. I dozed, but on approaching York I chatted to some Greek students who were interested in sustainable architecture, so I hope Dimitri will contact me and I can show them St Nicks.

Home by 5.45 and exhausted... but got the log baskets filled and did some washing up before Gill served tea. Our eldest had experimented with pizza dough and made a 'stuffed crust' by putting cheese around the edge of the circle of dough and folding it over. This was really good! What a treat to come home to.

However, Gill wasn't feeling too good and had an infected spot which was making some glands swell up, so she rang the out of hours doc who rang back and said go to A and E for a look and a prescription for antibiotics. Gill rang Melody and asked her if she could drive her to the hospital... and then, as it was quite late, Melody took her up to a 24 hour pharmacy place in Clifton Moor. They were back surprisingly soon.

The boys went to bed smoothly and quietly and we had a peaceful evening.

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