Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Wednesday 13th January 10

Woke fairly late after a late night last night and got busy with sorting out the yam tubercles to send to the two yam fans... and after lunch went to get those posted off.

Then I composed a letter to my agent concerning the difficulty we've had and at about 3pm I cycled it down to his house, going via Country Fresh to pick up recyclables.

Later I got ready to go to the station to visit Ali.

So a paperwork-heavy day, interspersed with washing up and stuff around the house.

When in Sheffield I was collected from the station and we all, Ali, her daughter and carer, went to Blue Moon for a meal, which was, as usual, delicious.

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Myfanwy said...

Misread this post! Thought it said yarn tubercles. Spent the rest of the day wondering what on earth they could be - even searched on google. Have just re-read it! Now it makes sense..... LOL

(Need to explain that I'm obsessed with yarn!)