Saturday, 22 August 2009

Wednesday 19th August 09

Got the Road Train into Bridlington so the boys could 'do' the fairground rides and I could go to the internet shop and get my emails. I'd taken my laptop with me as I thought that I might get a chance to do some writing (my book!) and as York Green Festival is looming, I knew I had to keep in touch with the other team members at least once during the week, so today I took the laptop to Icy Tea which for a small charge, allows access to the 'net. Whilst the family went shopping for books, I went to have one hour (£2) at Icy Tea. However my Thunderbird thing managed to let me send some email replies, but not all... and just before I came off, I clicked on 'Get Mail' and found that some of the more important stuff hadn't been sent, and had been returned. The Icy Tea server system and my AVG thingy were not playing ball... and the chap there, 'Angel' couldn't work out why. He did have a good think and tried changing some things on my computer... and finally suggested I came back later when the shop owner would be back, who might be able to sort the problem out.

So I met up with the family and we headed for the fairground. Our youngest wanted to do the flight simulator ride, a box on hydraulic rams containing a screen, projector and seats with seatbelts. He chose a ride called 'Glacier Ride', and I went in with them. It was excellent, very exciting, stomach-churning. I'd happily do more of these...

However, we went to have a go on the Dodgems... the boys did anyway, and they both had some difficulty steering and even keeping their feet on the accelerator... and this caused some distress and promises of 'never again' once it had finished.

Then, after some persuasion, we decided to go on 'The Yorkshire Belle', a boat trip of an hour's duration towards Flamborough Head and back. Gill opted not to go, and went to find some shade and a sit down. The boat trip was really good... good to see the cliffs we've walked along and played under from the sea. On the way back, we sailed (motored) close to the Patricia, a ship belonging to Trinity House, and one of three which services navigation buoys and other work. We all enjoyed this trip.

The family went home and I went back to Icy Tea and went on Tiscali Webmail, but as that doesn't have the useful address function, where when you type in the first letters of the email address or intended recipient's name, suggestions come up (available in Outlook and Thunderbird), I had to keep toggling between the Thunderbird address book and the Webmail window to copy people into various replies. BUT I managed to get the most important stuff done, I think.

I got the last 'land train' back... someone gave me a ticket so it was a free ride.

I did some foraging before tea, found mainly poppy seeds which I put in a paper bag inside a plastic bag, once I realised the seam on the paper bag wasn't very good!

Gill made tea... potato and veg croquettes from M+S, with new potatoes, our own green beans, carrot and pesto/tomato sauce. Delicious!

A quiet night in... well. reasonably quiet, despite the complete lack of soundproofing in this cottage. All vehicles on the road outside sound like they are in the living room, and conversations upstairs are audible downstairs, and the TV on the lowest volume disturbs the child trying to get to sleep upstairs.

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