Friday, 7 August 2009

Friday 7th August 09

Up early to get a train to Sheffield... I needed to get the 8.44 in order to be in Sheffield for 9.51 which was a convenient time for Sam to collect me from the station, to take me up to Whirlow Farm to the Sheffield Autistic Society Playscheme.

It was good to be asked back for a second time... this is the biggest compliment an entertainer can get. So this time, I did what I did last time, like I do every time, a circus skills show and workshop, and after lunch, some balloon modelling.

I got some lovely feedback afterwards... one chap who had been expected to be very vocal and disruptive was actually quiet and attentive, and another chap who never participates joined in and did several different things. The combination of these bits of information made me very happy. Sometime after 2pm, Sam took me about 5 miles to Ali's house, where I am staying as tomorrow I have a gig in Warrington, and Sheffield is much closer to Warrington than York, so it makes no sense to go back to York and then all the way to Warrington tomorrow morning.

Ali wasn't in, as she was coming back from her summer holiday in Edinburgh, so her teenage son let me in. I read NewScientist for a while and then fell asleep. Ali got in after 4, and I helped unload the van before going to the nearby Co-op shop with her little daughter to get some provisions.

Later in the evening, we had a Chinese takeaway which I really enjoyed. One of the best dishes was a 'mock duck' dish, made of tasty tofu and little worms of prawn cracker material (which of course doesn't have prawns in it) and 'seaweed' which is in fact fried cabbage. A really nice meal.

A very pleasant social evening with Ali's family, a glass of Lambrini and some good chats.

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