Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tuesday 4th August 09

Quite a frustrating day as I spent quite a lot of it trying to deal with email problems. I also was aware that today would have been the day I left the BGG site and came back to York. So I had a low mood day generally.

Cycled into town to pay in a cheque, get two cheques out, give the maps back to the library, and at the library there was an ex stock sale and I got 3 CDs for a pound each.

When I got back I did some housework, but didn't get very far. One thing I did succeed with was getting my eldest son to help rig up a string from an upstairs window to allow a rampant bean to climb higher than the bamboo canes it is currently waving from the top of. It can now go to the first floor of the house! I picked some beans and Gill added these to a fantastic dish she made, using mashed broad-bean inners to create bean burgers (cooked in non stick mince-pie tins!) and yesterday's macaroni cheese. A delicious meal, especially the bean burgers.

At 6.20 cycled off to the Hull Road Ward Planning Panel at Tang Hall Community Centre, where Vicky was in charge and I was happy to be just a panel member. The chat and repartee cheered me up. The main topic of conversation was whether we should join the York Open Planning Forum. One of our members was at a meeting a few weeks ago which the chair of the YOPF also attended, and the abominable behaviour of this person, who interrupted and was rude to people, meant that our member wants us not to join the YOPF. Our new Clerk, who has now fully taken over from me, will find out how our group would benefit from joining the YOPF and bring that info to the next meeting and we'll take a vote.

I came back from this meeting via the St Nicks compost piles and put on a layer of veg and fruit stuff, covered with a layer of pet shop waste.

Home to try to relax... lit the stove as I need to do more washing up and I've got some fruit to dry.

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