Saturday, 22 August 2009

Friday 21st August 09

Our last full day on holiday and our last day before our eldest child's birthday which will allow us to go shopping for a few presents. We also had 12 'silver coins' left; tokens we bought at the funfair... we'd bought £10 worth, 22 tokens, and only used 10 of them so today we wanted to use up the remainder.

So we got the bus into Bridlington and got off just after the station so we could have a lunch-treat... eating out at Bridlington's only Veggie Restaurant, 'Bean There'. It is a really lovely place and it's good to go somewhere and not have to wonder if there are dead animals hidden in the food.

I had a garlic mushroom tart with salads, Gill had chilli-beany loaf and salads, the boys had lasagne which also came with a salad. Then the boys had a slice of cake each and Gill and I had a hot drink. This all came to £25, which seemed reasonable.

Then we walked into town, Gill and the boys visited shops and I had just 30 minutes in Icy Tea.

So, to use up the tokens, the boys had another go on the Jungle River log flume, and I had a go in one of the dodgems... there were just two other drivers, both teenage lads, who took great pleasure ramming me as often as possible... but I did my fair share of bumping too. Finally, our youngest, who is quite a daredevil, was very keen on going on the 'MiamiFever' ride, which is a row of seats attached to a pair of large rotors, which lift the seats and move them up and around and down, quite quickly. Our little lad hooted with laughter, giggling away, it was well worth it just to hear him having such fun.

Then we headed for the bus station where there was a bus about to go.

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