Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Wednesday 8th July 09

I got up reasonably early but had a pretty nothingy morning in many ways. I did a load of washing up and some paperwork, some ringing up and sorting things out, but nothing particularly interesting. I did pop down to town to pay in a cheque and give in the SUMA catalogue to Anita, but she wasn't in so no coffee and chat there.

The highlights of the day were getting a Fiddlesticks booking in Cliffe next week and getting a lovely message from a guy on facebook thanking me for my composting advice on the page 'Organic Gardening 101', where I host a Discussion thread called 'Any Composting Questions Answered Here'. He said that since he'd been composting and top-dressing his garden with the compost, the productivity had gone through the roof, and he held me responsible! What a lovely message to get!

Gill had a much busier day than me... cycling down to school and back in the morning, then down to Melrosegate to book a hair cut, and back, and then down to have the hair cut and back to me looking even lovelier than before, then down to school to pick up our youngest, and back, and then at 4, down to school to attend the parents evening , and back. Then in the evening she came out with me down to the Tramways club to the Yorkshire Film Archive event.

I had a quieter afternoon, just a bit of logging and a cycle down to Country Fresh to pick up veggies and compostables, and to Freshways where I picked up a sackful and was given 3 mangoes for my time!

But the evening was excellent... we'd arranged for Simon to babysit so we could go out together to a fundraising event for York and Ryedale Friends of the Earth where there was a series of films 'with a green twist' presented by the Yorkshire Film Archive. So we cycled down to the Tramways Club on Mill Street and paid our £4 each, and Gill bought some raffle tickets. The films were introduced by a chap who obviously works for the film archive, with quite a bit of humour. Gill had told Simon and the boys that she would be back by 9pm so she left after the first half, and therefore missed my favourite film, one called Home Grown, about the Northern Green Gathering when it was just getting established at Ackworth near Pontefract. I was pleased to see my friends Dave and Dhara in the film.

I was back home by 10pm. I lit the stove to dry some washing and weird fruit gotten from Freshways. I'll have to do a Google search to work out what kind of fruit it is.

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