Friday, 31 July 2009

Friday 31st July 09

Lovely lazy morning apart from some hectic emailing and phoning re insuring York Green Festival. However, the chap at the insurers was away so everything will have to be done on Monday.

I popped down to Country Fresh and picked up the stuff which Lynn couldn't as she's not well. There were some slightly damaged nectarines which had 90% good flesh and several tomatoes, so I washed and cubed the nectarines and put them in the fridge for later, and did an initial clean-up of the tomatoes.

So I had lunch and then at 2pm a cycling friend arrived, Sally, to collect some compost and see how I make the dried fruit which I've shared on the Critical Mass cycle rides. She had a cuppa and a chat with Gill and me, and a wander down the garden to pick up three carrier bags of riddled compost and soon she was gone.

During the evening I cooked the tomatoes, about 8 of them, with onion, to make a sauce, on the woodstove. I also sliced some small aubergines and partially fried them. I think I'll make a moussaka tomorrow. I had some very entertaining chats with Laura whom I met at DAD, she sometimes messages me on facebook and I enjoy the chats as she's very open and honest, like me.

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Camping Sleeping Bag said...

It always really annoys me when people just throw away found if it looks a little bruised or has a slight imperfection on it. I always cut away any bad and keep the good otherwise it's so wateful. Glad there is somebody else sho thinks like me!