Saturday, 25 July 2009

Saturday 25th July 09

Professor Fiddlesticks at Dunnington Playing Fields Fayre, then heading to Bridlington as working there early on Sunday.

Everything went as predicted... I got myself ready to start at 11am, and ordered a taxi to take me up to Dunnington. Gill came along, with our youngest and one of his friends too, as our eldest had gone to the East coast with Simon and his son fossil hunting. Their aim was to find a 'Reighton Shrimp' or perhaps more realistically, some belemnites.

Our taxi took just 10 minutes and I was able to get started on time... working with my back to a conifer hedge. I had a full-on day, always busy, Gill and the boys really enjoyed quite a few hours there, leaving at about 3pm. The event finished at 4pm and I got paid before making my way to Bridlington and to the BnB I'd booked some weeks ago.

I had a pleasant evening, had a curry for tea, and a walk up to the event site at Sewerby Hall Cricket Field to see where it was.

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