Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Monday 6th July 09

Seemed to spend the best part of the day inside. During the morning I rang Outdoorkit, which had the best deal on the tent I wanted, and bought a Vango Sigma 300+ which has a door front and back, which allows the air to flow through... just like my old tent, a design I like.

I also did various other paperwork but I don't like doing paperwork so it wasn't a very inspiring day. But I also made some beetroot soup... fried a free onion and a stalk of purchased celery, rubbed off the loose skin from the free beetroot I cooked on the woodstove last night and chopped them up, put the chunks with the onion and celery plus about two pints of water, and simmered it for a short while. Then added home-made sweet red pepper paprika, bouillon and some balsamic vinegar, and whizzed it up til it was really smooth.

I reheated a bowlful in the microwave and had it for an early tea, Gill had hers cold and said it was very good.

I attended the YorkLETS AGM down at the Seahorse Hotel, Ben chaired and it was quite a slow one, interrupted by the chips and sandwiches arriving. Not very many people attended but hopefully we'll be able to change that this next year. I remain publicity person and also promised to contribute to the newsletter, as well as a couple of other tasks.

Home soon after 10pm, and had a phone call from a friend who's been feeling very low recently, and he thanked me for my support which was lovely to hear. I wish him well on his new turn of life, and hope he can look back on these days and say 'I got through it and I'm glad'.

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Camping Sleeping Bag said...

Your beetroot soup sounds delish! Doesn't home made healthy food especially soup always taste that much better for making it yourself?