Friday, 3 July 2009

Friday 3rd July 09

A working day today, but didn't need to leave the house til midday or after. So a slow start to the morning, but was ready in plenty of time with everything in the house packed up... and then it got darker and darker and the heavens opened. I rang my employers in Castleford and they said we'd be working inside the Bridge Arts building.

I got the 13.09 train and a sweet old nun sat next to me... Sister Rosemary from The Convent of the Good Shepherd in Manchester. She'd been visiting her family in York and was happy to chat. Lovely!

I got off at Leeds and had my sandwiches whilst waiting for the 2pm train to Castleford. Then it was only another 17 minutes on the train. It was raining in Castleford, but it was less than 10 minutes walk to the venue on Sagar Street. I got changed and was 'up and running' with my circus stuff by 1.50pm. There were several other stalls there... the ones I liked were
'Teddies for Tragedies', who knit little teddy bears to give to children in less than fortunate situations, and some historical re-creators called Time Tarts who were very friendly. I chap turned up with a bag of diabolos and proceeded to perform some absolutely amazing tricks, including with two diabolos on one string. 'GT' as he likes to be known did quite a bit of diaboloing, and I then did my little show... the tricks not nearly as sophisticated as his, but I make up little stories with mine and explain how the diabolo works... whereas he did his amazing tricks in silence. I was pleased he liked my act as much as he said he did. I offered to help him develop his entertainment a bit, and told him I was willing to give him info about Equity, insurance, advertising, risk assessments, how to ask for fees and more.

There were a steady stream of 'punters' wanting to try devilsticks, juggling, balancing, diabolo and the four wheeled and two wheeled unicycles, as well as have assorted balloon models. At one stage a group of people assembled on the new bridge (it had stopped raining) and I was invited to go out with them. The bridge is brilliant! It's an S shape horizontally and is for pedestrians and cyclists. It connects a residential area with the town so that the people don't have to go to a busy road bridge. I love it. (See a selection of images here)

I left Bridge Arts at about 5.50 and got to the station 2 minutes AFTER the 6.02 train had gone. Oh dear! So I sat and read and waited for the 6.57 to Leeds. A good quick change in Leeds and back in York surprisingly quickly. I decided to pop in to the St Nicks' social and BBQ for something to eat... I had several veg kebabs and rolls with 'Linda McCartney' in them (!) and two pints of organic cider...

Home before 10, and was able to confirm with my son that he does want to work at the Big Green Gathering so he can get in for free. He has to do 6 hours for me to get the cheque back. If he doesn't do the work, they cash the cheque! He seemed quite excited about being 'part of the festival' and gave me big hugs! I'm really looking forward to it... I need to get train tickets and a tent! My last tent disintegrated in terrible weather at last year's NGG. However, I have only had two tents in about 20 years... so it's not bad going!

Settled down to do emails and blog, and watched one of my favourite films 'It's All Gone Pete Tong' for a second time...

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