Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Wednesday 5th November 08

A good start to the day. Gill took our youngest to school and then went to art. I had a relaxing morning.

Gill came back having drawn an apple which looked like a dog basket or ball of wool or possibly a tam o shanter hat.

We had a pretty good afternoon and then she offered to go to pick up our child if I would go to the only place in York which she'd found which sells 'Buffalo Mozzarella' cheese (phone poll of 4 or 5 places) so that my eldest can do his food technology class tomorrow. I called in on Kyi-Po on the way through town, and gave in the Planning Application forms from last night to the council.
I found the mozzarella needed at the delicatessen in the market.

I found a skip on the way home which had assorted electrical flex in it, so asked the electrician who was tipping stuff in it if I could have the wire... he was only too happy to know it would be recycled. I strip the plastic off with a craft knife and eventually take the copper to a metal merchants. Home via Country Fresh in good time to house/baby sit whilst Gill went to the parents' evening at the secondary school. Good news from school, which is nice to hear.

For tea I finished off the vegan beany hotpot from last night whilst the kids had a chips and omelet meal... and I went out to a short night out to Cafe Scientifique where Dr. Lynda Boothroyd was speaking about the science of human attraction, something I find fascinating.

Home at 9pm, joined the family in the loft watching fireworks from the Velux.


Anonymous said...

i would have thought most decent supermarkets would stock mozzarella made from buffalo milk, i know sainsbury's definitely does. and in any case i am sure the school really wouldnt be checking, as long as it was mozzarella it wouldnt have really mattered.

Compost John said...

My wife rang around and the fifth phone call resulted in a 'yes' from that deli, so I went there.

And the 'Buffolo' DID matter... to my son!

He's a very exact and precise chap, and as school had said 'Buffalo Mozzarella' he would not have been happy to then be given any old Mozzarella. And I didn't have a problem getting to the shop in the market, and as a 'green' I prefer to spend my money in small independent shops rather than the big supermarkets.

I hope readers don't find me too defensive of my actions... I am just replying to a comment, that's all!
John, a caring

Anonymous said...

Kudos for the recycling of the copper - I hope you've factored in the carbon hit from the manufacture of your craft knife (either disposable blades or disposable knife) in China and it's onward transport to you in York in your graph.

Compost John said...

Thank you anonymous for your pro-recycling comment and obvious tongue-in-cheek jibe about the craft knife.

The knife too was found in a skip. It has a blade which can have the end blunt section broken off with pliers, and it was missing a couple. I put the snapped-off blades into my ferous-recycling container along with nails taken out of the stove grate.

The carbon cost of manufaturing/importing a knife would be dwarfed by the carbon savings on smelting the copper wire as opposed to throwing that away and mining new copper ore, even if I bought a new knife.

But thanks for the comment, it made me smile!