Monday, 3 November 2008

Monday 3rd November 08

A prompt start, cycling down to school with my 9 yr old, back home by 9am.

Then at 10, set off for CVS at Priory St where my friend Melody had organised a funding fair, with a dozen funding bodies there and lots of people going round chatting and tryig to find out how to get money for their project or group. There were perhaps 4 or 5 which might help YorkLETS afford the new computer-based accounting and management system, offered to us by Mary from LETSlink UK. I spent over an hour there and then went to my bank to see how we can change our signatories on our bank account. Paid the water bill at the same time... 22 cubic metres used during this last quarter in this household.

Then went on to visit Borders and the Art Gallery, but I couldn't lock up my bike as the lock seized up, so popped round to Cycle Heaven where Ash the main bikelock wrangler did his magic and solved the problem. Then on to the Art Gallery where they were more than happy to have a group of us visit tomorrow for some filming. My dentist was shut for lunch, so no little brushes for another day, and onto Borders who still haven't got the Ecologist November edition.

Barnitts was next, to get a little spring replaced on my Victorinox Swiss Army Knife scissors. To my delight they had a box full of bits and bobs and a replacement spring for 20 pence. It was easy to fit with just a pair of pliers.

Home for a slightly late lunch, lots of chat with Gill up until 3 when I cycled down to school to pick up the little 'un. I did some stacking of logs and sticks when we got home, as we're going through them much more quickly and I need to rebuild the stack to the right of the door (looking in). I'd got a couple of cauliflowers from Country Fresh just before closing last night so Gill had made a cauliflower cheeseroni mac... which was delicious.

At 7ish I headed off to the Seahorse Hotel for the LETS core group meeting... I took minutes and it was a productive meeting. I stayed behind afterwards and had a good chat with one of my buddies.

I got back at about 10.30 and Gill had only just got our eldest to bed, as he was trying to do his homework which he should have done during half-term.

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