Sunday, 23 November 2008

Sunday 23rd November 08

A really nice low-key day, relatively peaceful all day. There was a dusting of snow outside and there was a brief expedition to build a snowman... turned out to be 'dolly' size, nothing more impressive. Gill started making a Christmas pudding and I got some black treacle when I went down Heslington Road to visit Country Fresh.

I also popped round to a chap called Steve in Heworth who had invited me to go and chainsaw some logs, he also had a tree which he wanted to take up so I advised that he didn't take off the trunk, but used that as a lever and dug it out, cutting off the roots one by one. I chopped up what I could and loaded up my trailer with over half of it and returned home, spent a bit of time loading the Compostumbler, then stacking dry logs outside the front door.

I picked up our youngest and we all had a reasonable evening.

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