Friday, 7 November 2008

Friday 7th November 08

Gill took our youngest to school in the rain whilst I did some tidying up and vacuumed ready for Lyndsey to visit, to tell me about her Forever Living Products business, a multi-level-marketing operation selling Aloe vera and bee products. She thought I might know someone who would be interested in this kind of sales job.

The sales pitch was interesting, I had said right at the beginning that I didn't think the pitch would be aimed at me, but that I might know someone who might want to do this sort of work, selling stuff to their friends and neighbours. I asked a few searching questions about the Soil Association, Fair Trade, Vegetarian/Vegan Society etc, which she noted and promised to take back to the company.

The rest of the day went quietly.

I picked up our youngest from school and came back to stack logs.

Had an early tea, decided not to go to Critical Mass but did go to the York in Transition visioning meeting, which was well facilitated by Jennie and Edward, and was complicated and difficult, but was very productive.

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