Monday, 10 November 2008

Monday 10th November 08

Woke still feeling poorly with cold, so had a lemsip with my cereal (not together!) and had a fairly lazy morning.

And had a similar afternoon, infact one of the most boring days I've had for ages.

The only highlight really was the arrival of 'The Calendar of Climate Change' from Flipside Vision. This is lovely, and I'm going to get some more for assorted family members for Xmas. (sorry if a family member has just had their wonderful suprise wrecked!)

I was still feeling rubbish (not in my usual way head down in a bin hahahahahaha) when Gill came home and went to get our youngest, and when our eldest came back, I wished I'd been in bed as his testosterone levels are obviously painfully high at the moment.

But the outbursts don't last long and are followed by apologies, and a peaceful evening, mostly.

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