Monday, 11 August 2008

Wednesday 6th August 08 Northern Green Gathering

Set off in the morning to the Northern Green Gathering with my eldest son.
Took bus to town and waited at the Rougier St Bus place, as directed by the Businfo folks on the telephone. Our bus came but went straight past us... the driver hadn't seen us as there was another bus in the way. It stopped at the lights and we both ran to get it, knocked on the door and fortunately, so fortunately, the driver opened them and let us get on. He explained that that stop was not an official stop, and he would have stopped there if we'd have signalled him to do so, but the other bus companies didn't like his company stopping there as a matter of course, but his official stop was round at the station. He was really nice and I got tickets, explaining about the businfo directions to get on at Rougier St.

There were two other NGG-bound people on the bus, so we chatted and the journey went quickly. We were soon in Ripon. The other folks had told us that there was a scheduled bus going through Grewelthorpe from Ripon quite soon after we got in... so we got on that with them and a handful of others. That 'Little Red Bus Company' driver let us get off at the bottom of the lane so there was only a 10 min walk to the site. We got there soon after 1pm.

The site was relatively empty, still setting up for tomorrow the official first day. We eventually worked out where the Permaculture area was and found Matt, the chap I've been in email contact with. He showed us where crew camping was and I found a fairly flat spot... not easy as the whole site is in lovely hilly fields.

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