Monday, 11 August 2008

Thursday 7th August 08

Our first full day at NGG. I continued to source pallets and construct three compost bins, affixing them with wire. I used one pallet on the ground horizontally and put the 4 others vertically, making a cube shape. The bottom pallet had several layers of bark placed on it to cover the holes between the planks, and then cardboard to complete the job, before the assorted compostables were put in layers with more cardboard to help support the stuff and balance the carbon:nitrogen ratio, as the food materials are very nitrogen-rich.

We also did a compost toilet materials collection, hoisting up the wheelie bins from the 'wet' compost toilets into the trailer pulled by the tractor, and unloaded them into a specially constructed solid-sided humanure composter, which I'd put a load of willow twigs into, and loads of straw.

My boyo was seemingly having a really good time... he kept on disappearing and then turning up with a big grin on his face. I have no idea what he'd been doing but that didn't matter, he was happy and in a safe place.

In the evening I watched a band called Katus, I liked the singer's voice.

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