Sunday, 17 August 2008

Saturday 16th August 08

Early start to get packed and the cottage clean and onto the 11.06 bus back home.
Got off in Heworth and walked the mile home, quite laden with stuff, but better than going all the way into town to the station and then getting a bus or taxi back out to Hull Road.

When home, I lit the stove to get hot water and soon after Gill and the boys came in, our German friends arrived... they're camping in our garden tonight.

I was about to go down to Country Fresh when a gentleman stopped and asked if I'd like to pick up a fallen apple tree from one of his friend's garden. I went with him in his car to visit the garden owner and see the tree, and agreed to process the tree and dispose of the remnants. Will do that later this week.

Then picked up from Country Fresh, was good to see Richard again after such a break.

Popped into Debbie on the way back to give her some fresh veg and catch up with her news.

We cooked for the German children and the grown-ups went out to have a meal out. We'll go out tomorrow night whilst they hold the fort.

I logged onto my emails quite late and had 200+ to go through and deal with, delete and reply to. Bed well-after 2am.

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