Sunday, 24 August 2008

Sunday 24th August 08

Another work day... but woke late after a late night... but didn't have to get to the station til midday as I have a gig in Middleton Park in Leeds at 2pm. So I had a shave and wash and got myself to the station to get the 12.13 train to Penzance and met a young(er) woman whom I sort of recognised but couldn't quite place... but it turned out she, Katie, was/is a volunteer at St Nicks so we had a happy chat until Leeds.

I was met by Alan from Friends of Middleton Park and he drove me to the venue which was a building next to a fishing lake in Middleton Park. I was pleased that the group had bought some circus skills equipment to help with the workshop. I'd thought that my activity would be part of a larger event, but it wasn't... it was just me plus four volunteers and Alan serving teas and cakes... It was a lovely, good-natured event, very easy for me to do, and 4pm came soon.

Alan gave me a lift back to the station and there was a train awaiting me(!) and I was home by 5pm.

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