Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Wednesday 2nd April 08

Up early as had a long day at school, marking out the plot for the Green Thumbs Gang Garden, taking turf off it and digging the soil to remove roots of the trees and hedges.

I got there at 9, with spade and fork, loppers and secateurs, string and sandwiches. Julia was already there with her children, but she'd lost her purse the previous night and had to go and look for it, so she went and we got to work, marking out the plot and starting the turf stripping.

Other people arrived, notably Geoff with his Granddaughter, and then others. There was a lot of work clearing the area next to the dug plot, to free it of scrub and litter and stuff.

People worked really hard. I worked really hard... took 20 mins off for lunch and then worked through til 5pm.


Tea was lovely, pitta bread and salad, then went to do a final barrow-load of compost riddling with the motorised riddle before putting it away.

Tried to have an early night.

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