Friday, 25 April 2008

Friday 25th April 08

I took the children to school and when I came home spent quite a bit of time in the back garden riddling a load of compost and clearing up my messy shredding area.

During the afternoon I visited my friend Anna who has agreed a lease of a passageway next to her house so she can put a trampoline there... so she's had to remove a lot of saplings, brambles and other vegetation, and has invited me to take away the sticks for my stove and the other bits for composting. I was impressed to see some books of poetry she's 'self published' using a service called 'lulu' which I may investigate for publishing my book...

Gill got the boys home from school and I did some compost heap turning as one huge heap is a bit pongy and it needs more air...

A pleasent evening

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