Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Monday 7th April 08

The last day of the Easter Holidays for the children, another attempt to get them to finish their homework. This resulted in both of them shouting, rebelling and being very unhappy, which resulted in both of us being unhappy. The levels of homework given to little children these days has a lot to answer for!

I spent most of the morning being a 'good example' and doing my own homework... replying to about 6 Fiddlesticks booking letters and several other bits of paperwork.

I went out to post these and give in a booking form to Archbishop Holgate School for tomorrow's Planning Panel meeting. I did some emailing and did another couple of compost queries on Facebook.

In the evening I attended a YorkLETS meeting at the Seahorse Hotel which was a really good meeting. Came home feeling buoyed up.

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