Sunday, 6 April 2008

Sunday 6th April 08

A good day as it started slowly and gently, I had a bath before lunch and popped down to Country Fresh before getting loaded up to go and work.

I cycled off to the MonkBar Hotel via Foss Islands Road, and blocking my way on the cycle path was an overly large 4x4 Range Rover.. so large that the driver couldn't place the damn thing on the lane she was supposed to be in, but spread all over the cycle lane. So I came to a halt behind the thing and gave it a couple of good hefty bangs with my gloved palm to alert the idiot driver to where she was on the road, and the fact that she was blocking me. I then carefully pulled my trailer (with one wheel on the pavement) alongside the car and she wound down her window and started to abuse me. I'm afraid I swore back at her, at which she threatened to call the police! I told her to go ahead and do that, as I knew I'd done nothing wrong, well nothing illegal anyway!

A little later, she was in another traffic jam near the MonkBar Hotel and she saw me go into the carpark. I did not communicate with her here. I got unloaded and got ready to do my balloon show first. During my balloon show, one of the naming ceremony organisers said that there were a couple of police officers waiting in the hotel lobby to see me. So I finished my show and went to speak to them... all they wanted was my name and address and telephone number, so that if the monster car driver wanted to prosecute me, they'd come and get a statement. I briefly told them what had happened and they said that they were both cyclists and agreed that some car drivers were really bad, didn't think that cyclists should be on the road, and were generally sympathetic with my situation.

I then had something to eat, and did my circus show which was difficult as there were only 15 kids and over 100 adults, but I ploughed through it and it was well received.

When I came out, after a cider which was offered to me, it was snowing. I got wet and cold on the way home, but as there were no Range Rover drivers to block cycle paths, all was well!

Spent 2 hours answering composting questions on the CRAG website and on Facebook, a group called Organic Gardening 101.

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