Thursday, 3 April 2008

Thursday 3rd April 08

A good morning as the family went out and I got on the computer to continue collating my York Rotters activities over the past year, by reading the blog entries. I tried to add to a document which I had started and it got saved in a trial version of some software which I downloaded in order to see Powerpoint. But I was unable to edit this document as the trial version wouldn't let me do anything to it unless I purchased the full version... what sort of trial is that?

So I uninstalled this Microsoft nonsense and went back to good ol' Wordpad which is reliable. I was able to look through my blog and pick out all my composting activities other than creating heaps and turning or riddling my own heaps, just stuff outside my own garden or lottie. I got as far as August.

I did this til midday and then lit the stove in the other room to make some hot water for washing up, and had a bit of lunch and did a pile of washing up.

Then got ready to go to town, had a couple of cheques to pay in, a cheque to get out and a tiny bill to pay... a winter gas bill for £12!

Came back via Country Fresh, and when I got back I filled the current dalek bin up to the top, it's currently working at 45 degrees celcius and is sitting down every day, making space for more layers. I dug out another bin, one with pallets as sides and the base, turning it into the neighbouring one. Thousands of worms! This will make space for turning the other neighbouring pile into the now empty space, releasing the space for a new sit n wait pile.

I came in at about 6pm, and cooked some rice on the woodstove. I fried an onion and a leek and at the last minute popped some tiny cherry tomatoes into this, then the rice on top. I made a garnish using some 'stove-dried' tomatoes which I then put in olive oil... a 'John equivalent' of sun-dried tomatoes. This was a delicious meal, and as I was finishing, Gill and the boys came in from their day in Leeds. They'd had a brilliant day in Roundhay Park, and visiting Tropical World.

I went out to get some money out of the hole in the wall, to pay the chimney sweep tomorrow, and met Sarah who was buying cider and invited me in for a glass... which was really nice as we always get deep into interesting chat.

Enjoyed 'Ideal' on BBC 2 again, even though this was quite a gruesome one. Also had a good chat on Skype with K in America, although she needs to sort out her camera as it freezes and all I get is a 'still'! But a refreshing talk though.

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