Thursday, 6 September 2007

Thursday 6th September 07

I took the kids to school again, and went straight on to see Jo which was good, lovely to see her and share some of my holiday highs and lows with her. Then onto Cycle Heaven, who have not got my new bike frame in yet, I am trying not to be impatient! Then onto the Credit Union to bank my August composting money, and then onto Out Of This World for a pick-up of compostables and 'dry recyclables', as I now collect bottles and cans for them. Then on to my Building Society to make a cheque out for Julian at 'CarbonFootprintSolutions', a chap I met at the Big Green Gathering, who will list me on his website as a low-carbon entertainer!

Home to lunch and a phone call from my friend James, who would like me to return a book he lent me. He was drunk when I got there, and not in a good way really. He wanted some help constructing a seat he'd got for the garden, so I put it together for him, he was very grateful.

I had offered to prune a tree for him in exchange for the chainsaw he had to get rid of much earlier in the year, so I'll do that next week for him.

I got home just in time to go to school and pick up the boys. On the way home, cycling along the Hull Road, our 10 year old saw a car in front of him, parked in the bus-stop with the door open and sticking out into the road, I saw him take a good glance behind him before overtaking, I was really pleased. So when we got back, I called him into the living room and asked him to sit down... he thought he was going to get told off! I explained what I'd witnessed and congratulated him on his careful cycling, he was so suprised and happy! This positivity did not last long, and the usual issues surfaced.

Gill is trying to be tougher with them, and I think we're beginning to deal with them in the same way, which is desirable.

Lots of emailing, blogging, googletalking...

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