Monday, 17 September 2007

Monday 17th September 07

Most of the morning I was with Catherine the York Rotters manager, helping her with some questions for 'Compost Bingo', a game we'll play with some existing Rotters when we have a get-together later in the year.

Home for lunch, and got a phone call from our friend Jenny, whom I know through AVP, the conflict resolution workshop organisers. She had noted that we were having some parenting issues and as she's been a special needs teacher, and is very experienced in helping families, she offered to come over and have a chat... so we said, yes, this afternoon would be great. It was lovely to see her, and she is very caring, non judgemental and a good listener, asking very thought-provoking questions. One of the issues which did come up was this blog. As I am a very open person, I am happy that other people can read about my life, and I put many aspects of my life into my blog. However, my children, whom I don't name on my blog, to give them some privacy, are not so public, and one of them in particular does not want to be mentioned on the blog, especially in negative connotations. So I agreed that I would not talk about personal stuff, to respect their wishes, and would review what I've already written and remove negative mentions of them. I am not particularly happy about this, but I'll try to do it.

I collected them from school and then did some work in the garden. I felt really low, as I enjoy my blogging and feel that mentioning 'family difficulties' is ok, as it shows that my life is very similar to other parents, and gives 'reality' to my blog. However I will try to behave ethically, or more ethically than I have done.

I had a sneezy evening, nose streaming, sinusses aching, but did my column for Community Care, about the University of Central Lancashire and the student services they have.

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