Monday, 17 September 2007

Sunday 16th September 07

I spent some of the night thinking about a conversation which I had with Hugh the accordionist about why the University of Central Lancashire puts on this weekend's entertainments and celebrations, and some of the other things which are in place to help the students in their new home and new round of education. I decided that I would find out some more and do my paid blog on the care that UCLAN takes of its students. i feel that they care more than the average university, not sure where I get this idea, but there are certainly more services than when I was a student. (

Stephen and Meg drove me into Preston with all my gear, as after the day's work I'm going straight on to the station and am heading home.

This meant I was early and could chat to Zana from the TV licening people, and some of the Student Liason Officers who talked me through some of the things which are in place to improve the student experience at UCLAN.

When time to work came, I was placed in a courtyard surrounded by the accommodation blocks, with about 400 new students arriving with their families, carrying in all their posessions, being serenaded by the Jazz Band and entertained by the likes of The Wonderful Stevie and myself.

A buzzy day, lots of fun and interaction, taught several people to juggle and enjoyed myself immensely.

I worked solidly through to about 3pm, when it started to rain. I had just 10 mins for lunch, and at 3 went inside the Harrington Building to continue with balloon modelling, but went to the station half an hour later as it had got quite quiet, with the majority of the students having arrived and got their keys and already settled in. I walked to the station, to find that the next direct train was at 5.38, so I had a pint of cider and a baguette and read some more of 'Energy Flash' before going for the train. It was super-crowded, I had to stand for 2 hours until 7.30 when we arrived in Leeds... then had a 30 min sit-down until York.

Picked up some compostables from Out Of This World on the way home, balancing them on my unicycles on the trailer. Was very glad to see Gill who'd had an excellent weekend, with the children being very well behaved. They went to Scarborough today to see the QE2 go past.

After a small tea I popped out to Martin's Country Fresh to pick up 2 sacks of compostables, I'd cycled past them earlier and had no space to pick them up.

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