Sunday, 16 September 2007

Friday 14th September 07

I spent most of today helping my friend Andy and his partner Maria move house. I took a train up to Northallerton, getting there at 10am, and Andy picked me up in the van he'd hired, and took me to his house in Northallerton, and I helped him load up and fill the van. He'd got a sack-trolley to move the fridge and washing machine, but they needed disconnecting from the wall, and their screwdrivers had been packed, so my Swiss Army knife came in useful to unscrew the electrical connections from the wall. We then motored down to York, they've got a mid-terrace in South Bank, and I helped unload as quickly as possible as I wanted to get back home.

They went back to Northallerton for a second, smaller, load, and dropped me off at the station to pick up my bike and get home, back by 2.15.

I picked up the boys, and A friend's son also came back with us as she is working I think, and when we all got back, we all went to play in the garden, ending up being silly on the trampoline.

He went quite soon and I had tea with the boys as I'm getting a train to Preston soon after 6pm.

I got to the station for a third time today and got my ticket to Preston and got the train with lots of time to spare. I was very dozy between York and Leeds, but at Leeds a chap got on and we started chatting, and I woke up as he was interesting and interested in me. He was Keith, a film lecturer working at Leeds Metropolitan University. We covered so many subjects, not just film, and only got onto composting shortly before Preston! One really good thing we talked about was a mystery film which Gill saw in New Zealand, and she was very moved by it, and she's been wanting to find out what it was called. I described what Gill has told me about it and Keith knew what it was! I may be able to find it and suprise her with it!

I got a taxi from Preston station and was soon in Ashton where my parents' friends Stephen and Meg live. The Asian taxi-driver was very positive about my being an entertainer as he said life was hard and not always good, and entertainers take people out of their everyday reality and bring some joy and happiness into their lives. As the fare wasn't much, I gave him a reasonable tip as I felt he was talking from experience.

It was lovely to see Meg, the last time I saw her was at our wedding in 1999. Stephen was away overnight, so we had a really good chat, and she showed me the videos she recorded of her son John becoming a Champion of Champions on Countdown. She is obviously very proud of him, as anyone would be with a genius son!

I had a couple of glasses of wine, Meg's into Whisky, and we chatted til after midnight.

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