Sunday, 30 September 2007

Sunday 30th September 07

A lovely day as spent the most of it in the garden, although most of the morning doing my paid blog, where I attempted to address the ethical issues surrounding Burma, Zimbabwe and 'overseas' problems which we may think we cannot do anything about.

I watched the Great North Run whilst doing my writing. Then I watched a bit of the replayed Grand Prix, which was exciting as it was so wet. Now it might seem odd that I enjoy watching fast cars when I don't actually like cars very much. However the race goes ahead whether I watch it or not, and by occasionally watching it, I don't really feel that I'm encouraging it or willing it to continue. I would be the first person to say 'good' if it was deemed unsustainable and therefore was going to be banned, as there are other exciting and greener things to get excited about. I really enjoy watching cycle racing too, even though I know that they have loads of motorised back-up and no cycle race is carbon neutral.

Anyway, I didn't watch the whole thing as I needed to get outside and continue hand-cutting the huge lengths of hedge we have in this garden... which I then put through the electric shredder to help it compost quickly and evenly. My neighbour gave me a huge pile of pruned lilac trees, branches up to 8cm thick, so I processed them too, and ended up with a large pile of shredded material to co-compost the food waste I collect. I did visit Martin's greengrocer mid afternoon and picked up several bags

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