Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Wednesday 11th January 12

Slow start to the day, hardly surprising considering what time I went to bed, but a good day nonetheless.  I went to get bread first thing (ie before lunch!) and then started on my tax return which I always find difficult to the point of pain.  There are, despite having done it quite a few times, quite a few bits which I don't understand.

3pm crept up on me and I put our youngest's bike on my trailer and cycled down to the Steiner School to pick him up, and we cycled back together.  Gill had gone to town to pick up our eldest from The Stables where he's doing some extra work, so I made a simple pasta and veg tea.

Then I cycled towards town and picked up some Freecycled guinea pig food, and arrived at Green Drinks just before 7.30, at the 3 Legged Mare for the last time.  The staff hadn't put the notices on the tables in the annexe so there were other (noisy) people in there, making our meeting less easy.  Andy D'Agorne turned up at about 8.30 to present some information about the current Clifton Green Cycle Track consultation...which I knew quite a bit about already, having followed the whole thing through the Press.

However, I was expecting a text message from my friend Debra Fayter, who was performing her Stand Up Comedy routine at the Gillygate pub on Gillygate.  She messaged me saying she'd be going on in 5 minutes, so I made my excuses and shot off, saying I'd be back within the hour.

I was really impressed by what Debra did.  She's obviously learned a script, that she's written herself, and the subject matter was most unexpected.  I'm not going to try to reproduce any of it here... firstly this isn't an 'X-Rated' blog, and secondly, it would spoil the fun and surprise if a reader were to go to a comedy night that she performed at.  Although I'm not a connoisseur of stand-up comedy, I think Debra was good and if she continues, she'll develop more material and get more confident.  She certainly got quite a few laughs and I'm really glad I went to see her.

I left immediately afterwards, to get back to Green Drinks, and met Ginnie going in, and had nice chats with Ian and Denise.

I came home soon after 11pm.

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