Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Friday 13th January 12

A late start as Gill got the kiddies up and off to school and did her stint in the school shop.  I was woken by a phone call at about 10am but it rang off and there wasn't a number left for me to phone back.  I got several more silent calls, before the scammers got through saying they were aware my Micro$oft Windoze computer was underperforming.  I told them I don't use Microsoft or Windows, and told them politely to remove my number from their database.    I got phoned by these scammers a while ago and they ask for a card payment to sort out your system... which of course has nothing wrong with it (well, thinking about it, if it's Windows, it probably has!)

So I got on with assorted online nonsense and interspersed this with assorted housework until Gill came in.  I got a genuine booking phone call for an event on my birthday in May, and another which I couldn't fulfil as I'll be at the Little Green Gathering.

After 5 I got ready to go to work, got to David's at 6 and he asked to go to City Screen, where I got him his coffee and I had a mocha, and Dave Taylor came to join us and we chatted about travel, since Dave is going on a short break.

I then took David back and got him his evening meal, and left just before 8pm, collecting a sack of tomatoes and other unsold stuff from Freshways on the way home.  This meant that at midnight, I made a wholesome soup out of two onions, a small leek, about 20 large tomatoes and some Marmite.  That'll mean Gill doesn't have to think about cooking tomorrow, when I'm in Manchester.

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